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Change Happens

We must learn to define our own lives by pursu­ing our joys and passions with people we love. A tremendous amount of confusion happens when people look into their past ex­periences in order to initiate change in their lives today. They recognize destructive pat­terns and make the decision to further inves­tigate why they operate the […]

Be True to You

True growth can only happen when your roots are strong. It doesn’t matter what you learn or become aware of, if you are not in touch with your essence, the meaning of the new lesson will be lost. Many people spend years aimlessly drifting, hoping to some day stumble upon the one great truth that […]

Growth, Change, and Relationships

Photo Credit: Suyog Gaidhani via Flickr Growth is sometimes painful. Although pain is not a prerequisite to growth, sometimes it happens. Ideally, we would all grow painlessly and effortlessly. It is an important ideal to shoot for and one to which we all aspire. A critical part of growth is flexibility and the willingness to change. One […]

Start the Year Off Right

This will be the Weekly Perspective this week but I also wanted to post this here. I realize there will be a lot of similar information available so this is my contribution. Enjoy! It’s the beginning of a new year! What does it mean to you?  Many of us think about changes we would like […]

In the End, Relationships Count

The world can be very confusing. With the constant change, ideological differences, economic downturns,and rioting teenagers it can seem like there is nothing on which to hang hope. We can easily forget that the world has always experienced turmoil and upheaval in its continued growth and evolution.  As segments of society struggle with their sometimes fractious […]

The Learning Never Stops

What I love about life is that there is always a new experience, a new lesson, or a new relationship available. If we remain open and teachable, the Universe will provide the opportunities we are seeking. In this year alone, and there is still a month to go, I have experienced several things I never […]

Committed to Change

This week I attended Advanced Breakthrough to Success, a seminar hosted by Jack Canfield. I had attended the Breakthrough to Success seminar in August and when the advanced version was offered, I jumped at the opportunity. Jack is an amazing presenter. His teaching background is clear in his calm and patient approach. You want to […]