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Final Thoughts on Germany

The last night of our trip was spent in Frankfurt. Frankfurt is very different from a lot of the cities we visited in that it is very modern in terms of architecture.Frankfurt was severely damaged in World War II and rather than rebuild using a lot of the old architecture, its city leaders decided to […]

Receiving Random Acts of Kindness

Anyone is capable of cynicism. We can all have days when we are disgruntled and down and have a hard time seeing the good in people. However, if we pay attention, there will come a time when our faith in the goodness of people is restored. Now this may not sound like a big deal, […]

My 40th in Germany!

As the years fly by, my birthdays have certainly lost some of their significance. Not in a depressing “ain’t it awful” kind of way, but in an “it’s just not as exciting” kind of a way. I am grateful to be forty. I think it is a wonderful “milestone” age. Spending my birthday in Germany […]

We’re Here!

We,the Stonebraker family, arrived in Germany at about 9:ooam local time on Friday. Since the time difference is six hours, we were pretty tired. Despite our exhaustion, we managed to have a wonderful first day.  We are currently in Heidelberg, which was about an hour drive south from Frankfurt. The only thing I had previously […]