November, 2008:

The Learning Never Stops

What I love about life is that there is always a new experience, a new lesson, or a new relationship available. If we remain open and teachable, the Universe will provide the opportunities we are seeking. In this year alone, and there is still a month to go, I have experienced several things I never would have considered and formed many relationships with people I would never have met had I not decided to be open.I spent a part of July in British Columbia, attended two personal growth seminars, and travelled to Germany.This may not seem significant to some, but all of these actions required a definite paradigm shift for me. My awareness would never have shifted had I not expanded my base of relationships. It is so easy to get stuck in comfortable patterns. These patterns are very secure. However, until we allow ourselves to stretch beyond what we believe we are capable of, very little changes.

The lesson in all of this for me is to remain open. Look for the opportunities to grow and act on them. 

Weekly Gratitude

I can’t believe this is the last Gratitude post before Thanksgiving! Thank you again Tia for this wonderful idea. I would love to hear from any of you about those things you are grateful for, too! So, this week I am grateful….

  • For the unbridled enthusiasm of teenagers
  • For people who find hope in the most desperate of situations
  • For parenthood
  • For those who choose to find the good in people
  • For anyone who celebrates the opportunity to change every day!

Enjoy this Thanksgiving everyone. Share your love with everyone with whom you come in contact. Remember that your expression of good cheer makes a difference!

Wednesday Gratitude Post

Here is the latest installment of the Wednesday Gratitude post. This is such a wonderful thing to share, I hope you are enjoying it as well. Today I am grateful:

  • For so many ways to stay connected
  • For those who share their experience and wisdom
  • For laughter
  • For people who care more for their open mind than their ability to be “right”
  • For the awareness that change is good

‘Tis the season to be grateful, share with those you love!

Any Old A**hole Can Change

Ruckles Provincial Park, B.C.I have made some really dumb statements in my life. I mean some really, really narrow minded black and white statements. One of the doosies I used for a long time was about how my world was really small. I really said that. I meant it, too. Not only did I say it and mean it, I made it happen.

The premise of this statement was to live in principle. What I would tell myself is that as a result of standing by my principles that my path would become very narrow and my world would become small. The reality is that I allowed myself to live in more fear and to justify some very limiting beliefs.

I am a man of principle. I am very committed to the way I live. However, my life contains many layers. With these layers come a wonderful diversity in relationships. I no longer choose to limit myself under the rationalization of ” living in principle.” I realize today that not only do other people  have different opinions, but that based on their definition of happiness, they are right! 

In other words, it is cool that I have formed perceptions of life based on my experiences. I also know that other people can benefit from what I have learned based on these experiences. A part of my maturation process is realizing that I can benefit from the experience of others. This sounds so overly simple but it is very important to recognize the importance of building and maintaining diverse relationships in order to enhance the richness of life. If I limit myself to only spending time with people who share my opinions, I will never give myself the opportunity to widen my perspective. I don’t want to live that way. What do you think?

Wednesday Gratitude

The Thanksgiving countdown continues! The more people we have expressing it, the more grateful the world in which we live……

This week I am grateful:

  • For the beauty of San Diego
  • for people who share their passion with the rest of the world
  • for autumn
  • for weddings that bring together friends
  • for connecting with people through laughter

I hope that many of you are sharing your lists. It’s a wonderful way to stay reminded of what’s important and to stay committed to living in an attitude of gratitude!

Committed to Change

San Diego and Coronado BridgeThis week I attended Advanced Breakthrough to Success, a seminar hosted by Jack Canfield. I had attended the Breakthrough to Success seminar in August and when the advanced version was offered, I jumped at the opportunity.

Jack is an amazing presenter. His teaching background is clear in his calm and patient approach. You want to listen to him and follow his guidance.

He also brought in other presenters to augment the work he is doing. One co-facilitator was Fred Johnson.Fred JohnsonFred was able to inspire and guide us through his amazing voice. His music connects with the spirit in ways difficult to describe.. I highly recommend following the above link and becoming familiar with his work.

Another amazing presenter was Jim Bunch.Jim is incredible. Through his humor, his compassion, and clear communication he was able to help several people. His presentation on the game of life is a definite paradigm shift. I look forward to exploring these concepts further.

There are several relationships I have developed as a result of my involvement in B.T.S. Some of these relationships will last a long time. Some will probably be encounters that had an impact from the week. Either way these connections are significant. 

If you are committed to change, opportunities will present themselves. Whether you are looking for a specific event or relationship, whatever is best for you will inevitably show up. What is our real responsibility? To be open and flexible. Make it simple by following a couple of steps:

  • Decide today that you want your life to continue to improve. 
  • Be committed to this decision.
  • Know what is your definition of happiness and success 

These are simple steps and certainly don’t explain the entire process. However it is a helluva good place to start!

Weekly Gratitude

As we inch closer to Thanksgiving day, here is my latest gratitude installment. This is such a fun project, I can’t wait to continue it every year. Here are my five things this week:

  • That the election is over and our nation can move forward
  • That the collective will always prevails over petty bickering
  • That I am able to connect with so many people
  • That there is so much information available that can help people improve their lives
  • That all I have to do to gain perspective is look at what a beautiful world I live in

It Takes Action

Lately I have found myself in conversations with people who are struggling in various area of their lives. This should come as no surprise, I am a counselor after all. Sometimes I even amaze myself with my mastery of the obvious!

Anyway, I am reminded that in times of struggle or fear people will often disregard the most simple of tools, EVEN IF THESE TOOLS HAVE A PROVEN TRACK RECORD! For example, how often have you heard, and been reminded, that faith without works is dead ? That what truly creates change is action? That what creates tremendous change is SIMPLE action? When afraid we will try to find the most complex answers to the most uncomplicated dilemmas. This is a popular way to avoid taking REAL action. It is called mental masturbation.

Today I was reminded of an oldie but a goody. The God-box. This post is great. Do you feel conflicted? Are you struggling with some tough decisions? Do you need a little kick in the ass? Have you been whining so much that you’re sick of hearing yourself? 

TAKE ACTION! You are far too important to sit around and wait for someone else to do it for you.

Final Thoughts on Germany

The last night of our trip was spent in Frankfurt. Frankfurt is very different from a lot of the cities we visited in that it is very modern in terms of architecture.Frankfurt was severely damaged in World War II and rather than rebuild using a lot of the old architecture, its city leaders decided to create more of a modern city. It is definitely different, but pretty cool.

On our last night I decided to go for a run through Frankfurt. Our hotel was very close to the Main River so I headed in that direction. I love to run because I am able to think clearly and process different thoughts and feelings. On this particular night while running along the Main River with many other people I was overwhelmed with a sense of connection.

Looking across the river at the beautiful Frankfurt skyline I reflected on the previous two weeks. What did I learn? Who did I meet? How will this experience change me? What can I bring from this into my “normal” life? What from these experiences can I use to improve my relationships?

All of these questions are important and I don’t necessarily have a lot of answers yet. What I do know is this:


  • the world is much smaller than we think. Human beings, by nature, are interested in happiness, peace of mind, love, and security
  •  If we learn to close our f****ng mouths sometimes and not be so concerned with being superior or right, we may just learn something.
  • people all over the place want to be of service and help, we simply have to be open to their help (See a previous post entitled:Receiving Random Acts of Kindness.)
  • Finally, that Hugo Boss manufactures the coolest clothingAll in all it was a great trip. I am extremely grateful we took it and I am looking forward to any other new experiences coming my way. I hope you are as well.