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Success in Business PartIII: The Idea is Service

2883973015_613bed957dRegardless of the business you are in, success is predicated on the service you are able to provide. In most businesses there are so many options available to potential clients or customers, it can be difficult to determine what will make your business stand apart. Often, businesses will succumb to the newest fads and revert to reactionary change without thinking about the most critical ingredient in a company’s success, its ability to provide valuable service.

A business relationship is a relationship. Whether it is between the company and its client, an employer and employee, a marketer and potential referral source, or any other business relationship, it is vital to make and nurture real connections. Rather than focusing on what’s trendy and new as far as business techniques, go with what is tried and true.

  • Focus on listening to the needs of your clients
  • Make sure your attitude in all facets of your business is “How can I help?”
  • Create an environment that is safe for your employees to act on their unique talents
  • Spend more time on building relationships than on creating “advantages.” With strong relationships, you already have the advantage

My company has been in business for sixteen years. I have seen many companies in my industry have to close their doors. What those who have closed share in common is their inability to keep relationships as their number one priority. There is a place for seminars on team building and leadership, we certainly have plenty, but it is far more important for people to remember that nothing replaces a sense of connection.

It is all about service.

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