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How do you define yourself? Is it your job? Maybe your possessions? Perhaps your spouse or partner defines you. Your family history? Your country or region? Your chosen religion? This list of questions could go on ad infinitum. The reality is that no matter how we try to define or identify ourselves nothing we find will fully capture our essence.

There is a tremendous amount of freedom in this understanding. I am not saying that the only road to happiness is to give up all worldly possessions and loyalties (although there may be a ton of wisdom to gain in this). I am merely trying to point out the degree to which we limit ourselves. 

None of this is a new idea nor is it meant to be. I have learned a lot over the past year about the process of disidentification and it has helped me in my ability to feel free. Our personality is only a part of what reflects our true essence and being. We should never confuse our personality with who we are. 

Practice enjoying your quirks and idiosyncracies. Take notice of your preferences. Enjoy who you are. Most importantly remember that your personality is ever changing, it does not define you. It never has to stifle your essence.