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Tough Times/Hopeful Times

Every week I write an e-mail/newsletter called “Weekly Perspectives.” If you would like, you can sign up for it by following the link. I normally don’t use this as a blog post but I decided to today because this week’s e-mail is one I believe will resonate with many people. If you already receive the Weekly Perspective I apologize for the redundancy. If not feel free to sign up for it and enjoy this post!

Times are a little tough for many people right now. There is a constant barrage of fearful news and every time things seem to improve someone else pops up with another message of doom and gloom. Couple that with the propensity for depression this time of year and it could be a recipe for disastrous conditions.

Yet there are many people who are excited and filled with hope. What is the difference? What separates those for whom thoughts of panic and despair overshadow optimism and those who are able to transcend the dark and depressed fray?

Those who maintain a positive and hopeful outlook are people who give themselves things to look forward to. They maintain an attitude of gratitude and actively seek solutions. They remove themselves from the blame, shame, and justify mentality and take responsibility for their happiness.  This is easier than it seems.

·      Focus on gratitude daily, whether by writing a list or simply being aware

·      Any time you find yourself complaining, write down a solution to whatever it is you are complaining about

·      Verbally express your love for the people in your life

You can make the world a better place. All it takes is a shift in attitude.