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Final Thoughts on Germany

The last night of our trip was spent in Frankfurt. Frankfurt is very different from a lot of the cities we visited in that it is very modern in terms of architecture.Frankfurt was severely damaged in World War II and rather than rebuild using a lot of the old architecture, its city leaders decided to create more of a modern city. It is definitely different, but pretty cool.

On our last night I decided to go for a run through Frankfurt. Our hotel was very close to the Main River so I headed in that direction. I love to run because I am able to think clearly and process different thoughts and feelings. On this particular night while running along the Main River with many other people I was overwhelmed with a sense of connection.

Looking across the river at the beautiful Frankfurt skyline I reflected on the previous two weeks. What did I learn? Who did I meet? How will this experience change me? What can I bring from this into my “normal” life? What from these experiences can I use to improve my relationships?

All of these questions are important and I don’t necessarily have a lot of answers yet. What I do know is this:


  • the world is much smaller than we think. Human beings, by nature, are interested in happiness, peace of mind, love, and security
  •  If we learn to close our f****ng mouths sometimes and not be so concerned with being superior or right, we may just learn something.
  • people all over the place want to be of service and help, we simply have to be open to their help (See a previous post entitled:Receiving Random Acts of Kindness.)
  • Finally, that Hugo Boss manufactures the coolest clothingAll in all it was a great trip. I am extremely grateful we took it and I am looking forward to any other new experiences coming my way. I hope you are as well.