Clear Communication


My mother sent me a survey the other day she needed to complete for a school project. The questions were interesting so I decided to share it to see what kind of responses I get. These kinds of discussions provide a tremendous amount of insight into our perceptions of each other and what we think is important. I hope you enjoy answering these as much as I did. Feel free to invite as many people as you would like to participate. I look forward to your answers!

1.    Why do you think men and women have difficulty communicating with one another?

2.    Where or how do you think the breakdown in communication occurs?

3.    Is this an inborn trait or a learned trait? Please explain your response.

4.    Does this problem exist at all ages? Please explain your response.

5.    Do you think that this inability to clearly communicate will ever be resolved? Please explain.

6.    What would be your solution to solving this problem?

Hopefully the questions don’t sound too much like an assignment. Remember to go with your first response, not what you think others would want you to say. Enjoy!