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taking action

Start the Year Out Right!

Yep, now is the time. Tons of resolutions will be made (and broken). Commitments galore! Many human beings seem to have an insatiable appetite for self-flagellation. Don’t be that guy (or girl). Here is a simple way to make some commitments and stick to them. Follow these steps and succeed! You will feel good about yourself and none of your relationships will suffer. Doesn’t that sound pretty cool?

It’s the beginning of a new year!

What does it mean to you?  Many of us think about changes we would like to make, commitments we want to keep, and positive habits we want to form.

Unfortunately, many of us will stop any real progress we make in these endeavors through self-sabotage.

Here are some simple steps you can take to ensure successful goals in the upcoming year:

  • Find an internal motivation. Even if the initial push to change is a result of the counsel of someone else, find an internal and self-loving reason to make this change… and write it down.
  • Set tangible and measurable goals.
  • Share your goals with someone who will support you, such as a good friend, a coach or a mentor.
  • Keep a written account of the steps you are taking to reach these goals.  No step is too small to track.  Remember to celebrate your progress.

You may have heard this advice before in some form.  There is a reason…

It works!

There is a ton of information and support available specifically designed to help you make the positive and permanent changes in your life.  Create a strong foundation by remembering why you are seeking changes.

A better life is what you deserve.

It Takes Action

Lately I have found myself in conversations with people who are struggling in various area of their lives. This should come as no surprise, I am a counselor after all. Sometimes I even amaze myself with my mastery of the obvious!

Anyway, I am reminded that in times of struggle or fear people will often disregard the most simple of tools, EVEN IF THESE TOOLS HAVE A PROVEN TRACK RECORD! For example, how often have you heard, and been reminded, that faith without works is dead ? That what truly creates change is action? That what creates tremendous change is SIMPLE action? When afraid we will try to find the most complex answers to the most uncomplicated dilemmas. This is a popular way to avoid taking REAL action. It is called mental masturbation.

Today I was reminded of an oldie but a goody. The God-box. This post is great. Do you feel conflicted? Are you struggling with some tough decisions? Do you need a little kick in the ass? Have you been whining so much that you’re sick of hearing yourself? 

TAKE ACTION! You are far too important to sit around and wait for someone else to do it for you.