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Cynics Beware

We have all seen angry, tight-jawed people who live in a constant state of cynicism. They find no joy in life. They are constantly afraid of people trying to take advantage of them. They also happen to be the same people who manipulate and take advantage of others. “What is a cynic? A man who […]

Lessons From Modern Technology

So I was having one of those mornings. The kind where a series of events unfold that challenge your ability to stay peaceful and serene. You know, those times you shouldn’t be permitted to interact with other humans. Allow me to explain: This week, after months of diligent research and the purposeful delay of gratification, […]

You are Creative

I was recently recommended a book, Walking in this World, by Julia Cameron. I am grateful I have read this amazing book. It has reminded me that I am a creative person and why it is important to nurture this part of me. Do you consider yourself to be “creative” or “artistic?”Many people have the […]

We All Follow Someone

Whose lead do you follow and why? This is a very important question for anyone to answer. As you grow and change, as your life circumstances evolve, and as your priorities shift, you may let go of some mentors and gain others. Some philosophies which may have seemed like permanent maps to success have been […]

Leadership Always Counts

Alas, the Arizona Cardinals lost the Super Bowl. After watching the Big Red for years it seemed Destiny would finally smile upon this dismal franchise through its powerful medium, Kurt Warner. Although in the end it wasn’t meant to be, they put up a valiant fight and certainly taught us a few things.   Leadership […]

The Moment is What Matters

Yesterday was my daughter’s tenth birthday. It was a wonderful day and a true celebration of the wonderful relationships our family has. Ten years is a long time. Many things change and evolve. If you remember to pay attention, your gratitude grows exponentially. I remember throughout my wife’s pregnancy the wise words many parents shared […]

2008:A Year of Learning

My biggest reflection on 2008 is on how much I learned. Here are my examples: I released my first book I decided to become a professional speaker I decided to become a coach along with running treatment centers I hired a coach to assist me in these new endeavors I attended Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to […]

Weekly Gratitude

I can’t believe this is the last Gratitude post before Thanksgiving! Thank you again Tia for this wonderful idea. I would love to hear from any of you about those things you are grateful for, too! So, this week I am grateful…. For the unbridled enthusiasm of teenagers For people who find hope in the most […]

Wednesday Gratitude Post

Here is the latest installment of the Wednesday Gratitude post. This is such a wonderful thing to share, I hope you are enjoying it as well. Today I am grateful: For so many ways to stay connected For those who share their experience and wisdom For laughter For people who care more for their open […]

Wednesday Gratitude

The Thanksgiving countdown continues! The more people we have expressing it, the more grateful the world in which we live…… This week I am grateful: For the beauty of San Diego for people who share their passion with the rest of the world for autumn for weddings that bring together friends for connecting with people […]