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2008:A Year of Learning

My biggest reflection on 2008 is on how much I learned. Here are my examples:

  • I released my first book
  • I decided to become a professional speaker
  • I decided to become a coach along with running treatment centers
  • I hired a coach to assist me in these new endeavors
  • I attended Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success Seminar and enjoyed it so much that I attended the Advanced version two months later
  • I left the country for the first time in my life; by going to Canada and Germany

What a wonderful year. My family is healthy and happy, I feel a new motivation to grow and learn, my employees are wonderful, and my life is filled with joy. I am starting the new year filled with excitement and hope. How about you?

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  1. Tracy says:

    I had a great year, too! I started my own forums which seem to be flourishing and have started on the path to being able to work at home. My children are healthy and thriving and my marriage is wonderful.

    I am very optimistic and excited for the new year!

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