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Spring Clean Your Relationships: Simple Tools With Immediate Results

Today begins “Spring Cleaning Your Relationships” month.Between now and Mother’s Day, I will be sharing some simple tips and tools based on spring cleaning basics to repair or enhance any relationship. These tips and tools will be here, on my Facebook page, my Twitter posts, my You Tube channel, and my Weekly Perspectives on […]

Gratitude Post #6

Alas, we have reached the final week of gratitude posts. I hope you have enjoyed this tradition as much as I have. I also hope this has helped you to see your life with a little better perspective. Let’s all commit to stay more aware of the good in our lives and help to share […]

Emotional Yoga

“The boldness of asking deep questions may require unforeseen flexibility if we are to accept the answers.” ~ Brian Greene One of the primary purposes of yoga is to create flexibility and strength in the body. The same exercise is needed for our emotional well-being. Our emotional well-being is the primary key in building strong, […]

Realizing What’s Important

I love anything that changes my perspective. Sometimes that change comes from reading a great story or article. A perspective change can come from a great movie. We can be moved by a conversation with someone whom we respect. Most often this change comes as a result of a strong connection with a person we […]

One Foot in Yesterday……..

Have you taken the time to absolutely enjoy this magical time of year? While driving around yesterday to wrap up some last minute holiday responsibilities I reminded myself of how fun the end of the year has always been. From Halloween all the way through New Year’s Day is an opportunity to both reflect and […]

My 40th in Germany!

As the years fly by, my birthdays have certainly lost some of their significance. Not in a depressing “ain’t it awful” kind of way, but in an “it’s just not as exciting” kind of a way. I am grateful to be forty. I think it is a wonderful “milestone” age. Spending my birthday in Germany […]

How’s Your Day?

What have you done today? Did you spend a lot of time complaining? Were you consumed with self-pity? Did you obsess on what other people may have been thinking about you? Were you indignant? Rebellious?  Or did you make it a point to praise someone? Did you think about ways you could help someone? Did […]