How’s Your Day?

What have you done today? Did you spend a lot of time complaining? Were you consumed with self-pity? Did you obsess on what other people may have been thinking about you? Were you indignant? Rebellious? 

Or did you make it a point to praise someone? Did you think about ways you could help someone? Did you compliment another person to a third-party? Were you open and loving? Cooperative?

Here’s my point. When circumstances are somewhat “normal”, you are in complete control of the condition of your day. Even when there are unexpected circumstances you are in control of your reactions or responses. If today is sub-par or down right sucks, take a moment and pause. Take a look at the questions above and determine which state of mind represents you today. If you’ve been a cynical and negative asshole and feel bad, change your perspective. Start right now. The people who love and care about you are waiting…….

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