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Committed to Change

San Diego and Coronado BridgeThis week I attended Advanced Breakthrough to Success, a seminar hosted by Jack Canfield. I had attended the Breakthrough to Success seminar in August and when the advanced version was offered, I jumped at the opportunity.

Jack is an amazing presenter. His teaching background is clear in his calm and patient approach. You want to listen to him and follow his guidance.

He also brought in other presenters to augment the work he is doing. One co-facilitator was Fred Johnson.Fred JohnsonFred was able to inspire and guide us through his amazing voice. His music connects with the spirit in ways difficult to describe.. I highly recommend following the above link and becoming familiar with his work.

Another amazing presenter was Jim Bunch.Jim is incredible. Through his humor, his compassion, and clear communication he was able to help several people. His presentation on the game of life is a definite paradigm shift. I look forward to exploring these concepts further.

There are several relationships I have developed as a result of my involvement in B.T.S. Some of these relationships will last a long time. Some will probably be encounters that had an impact from the week. Either way these connections are significant. 

If you are committed to change, opportunities will present themselves. Whether you are looking for a specific event or relationship, whatever is best for you will inevitably show up. What is our real responsibility? To be open and flexible. Make it simple by following a couple of steps:

  • Decide today that you want your life to continue to improve. 
  • Be committed to this decision.
  • Know what is your definition of happiness and success 

These are simple steps and certainly don’t explain the entire process. However it is a helluva good place to start!

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