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Metallica and U2: Lessons in Connection

This week I had the pleasure of seeing two iconic acts, Metallica andĀ U2. These two bands have had unquestionable influence on the direction of rock music for the better part of three decades. Although their styles are very different, there are a number of similarities between the two. I will illustrate some of those analogous characteristics and how they can be applied to your life and relationships.

  1. An unwavering love. Metallica and U2 are clearly passionate about what they do. Even after such long and illustrious careers, they communicate the essence of their love through their performance. True passion cannot be feigned. In a relationship, the crux of your emotion will come through. If you aren’t who you say you are, the relationship will not succeed.
  2. A commitment to excellence. Neither band has ever rested on their laurels. Both have worked tirelessly to improve their craft. Each band has gone through questionable periods in which it seemed they had deviated from what made them successful, but they both came out the other side stronger. In your life, the principle of perseverance is critical. “That which doesn’t kill you will make you stronger” is a quote that rings true. As long as you commit to continued growth and take advantage of the lessons learned from adversity, you will succeed. As a result of this success, your relationships will grow exponentially.
  3. Uninhibited enthusiasm. Metallica and U2 create tremendous energy in their performances. The members of these bands are well into their 40’s, yet it is obvious how much fun they have. This enthusiasm allows them to connect with their audiences. The less seriously you take yourself, the easier it is to convey your zeal. Whether your purpose is to entertain, serve, teach, or guide, you will be more effective if you let go of unnecessary fear and stress. Enjoy yourself. Love what you get to do. You will be a magnet which others find irresistible.
  4. An attitude of gratitude. Throughout the night, Bono repeated this statement: “Thank you for giving us a great life.” More importantly, he meant it. Metallica has always stood for repaying the loyalty of its fans. I have been a fan since 1983 and have always known that Metallica means it when they say: “We wouldn’t be here without you.” Do you express gratitude to those who help you, or to those you serve? Do you feel a sense of purpose in the life you live? Do you know that your life is an expression of a higher purpose that can make a difference in other’s lives? If you are grateful down to your toes, you will create a movement. Movements changeĀ people. You may think it is silly to use two rock bands to illustrate this point, but consider how many people have been affected by these band’s music.

All of these points allow you to connect more deeply with people. Connecting isn’t as complicated as you may make it. Love who you are. Always look for ways to improve.In anything you do, have fun. Finally, live with an attitude of gratitude. Accomplish these things and prosperity is inevitable. Rock on!

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  1. I was at the U2 Concert also. Bono was awesome, a true exaple of a band who will go out on top, a true rocker!

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