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Gratitude Post #2

As a reminder to all of you, I am continuing a tradition I learned about last year from Tia Graham. The tradition is posting a five item gratitude list every Wednesday up toThanksgiving. So far there are several others joining in, so enjoy reading, and hopefully participating, in the spread of gratitude. Here’s my list for the week:
  1. I am grateful to have seen Neuschwanstein in the Alps shrouded in fog
  2. I am grateful to be learning to scuba dive
  3. I am grateful I live in beautiful North Georgia
  4. I am grateful to have seen Bayern M√ľnchen in person
  5. I am grateful for the wonderful unschooling community (thank you for the support and inspiration)

I look forward to reading what you have to share!


  1. Raymee says:

    I am grateful for:

    1. my beautiful baby girl
    2. the love and friendship my husband gives
    3. laughing with my girlfriends all the time
    4. that i am getting better and better at accepting myself
    5. great music to listen to

  2. Kerry Lyman says:

    I’m grateful for

    * My amazing network of friends
    * My Thunderbird
    * My Mac and the support staff
    * getting to see Bruce Springsteen in concert
    * Law & Order 24/7

  3. Ginger says:

    1. I am grateful for my husband of 34 years.
    2. My 2 children and thier spouses
    3. My 2 awesome grandchildren
    4. All my nieces, nephews, and the great nieces and nephews they bring lots of joy!
    5. My dad who is 80 and going strong…I love him much

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