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Walt Disney World and Relationships

Last night I arrived Walt Disney World to attend the National Speaker’s Association Winter Conference. I am extremely excited, as this is my first NSA conference and Walt Disney World is perhaps my favorite place in the world. 

Walt Disney World is a place built on the characteristics I consider to be critical building blocks to a happy and joyful life:

  • Fun is contagious. When someone, or something, is fun we want to participate. We are attracted. We forget about whatever problems we may currently have. Fun is critical to happy lives and happy relationships.
  • Service. At Walt Disney World I always feel taken care of. Sure, I’ve had problems here before but over all my experiences are always positive and the people strive to provide good service. Think about your relationships; are you of service?
  • Acceptance. Don’t you love being in situations in which you are not being judged? When you know you are accepted simply because of who you are? Again, think about your relationships. All of them; friends, family, spouses or romantic partners, clients, service providers, and any other relationship in your life. Those in which we practice acceptance are harmonious and positive, even when disagreements occur.

There are always ways to improve our lives and our relationships if we pay attention. One of the reasons I love coming to Disney World as much as I do is because I am reminded of what is really important in my life. I feel at my best when I am having fun, when I’m of service, and practicing acceptance.

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