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spiritual growth

It’s Good to Stretch

I had the opportunity to spend the past week at Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success seminar. What an incredible experience. I had no idea what to expect. I have spent the past twenty-one years of my life being conscious of personal growth and the past week was an emotional challenge that allowed me to really stretch. It is in this stretching that I believe any human being’s personal and spiritual growth lies.

It is easy for anyone to find a comfort zone and stay there. We can even ignore the signs and symptoms of stagnation. We will rationalize our boredom, make excuses for our physical degeneration, and justify our spiritual sloth. Far too many people live by trying not to make mistakes rather than experiencing life. In other words, the challenge of life isn’t simply to see who reaches death unscathed.To me, the challenge is to experience as much growth as possible.

The path that my life has taken today is one of self-discovery. It has always been easy for me to limit my circle of influence because of fearful judgements. However, I realize today that no matter how different someone else’s experience may be, the perspectives they have gained will contain valuable lessons. I have a desire to learn. I have a desire to evolve on emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. A simple decision to let go of my petty fears and judgements allows this process to begin. It is as simple as answering a couple of questions:

  •  Is my desire to grow more powerful than my fear?
  • What is it that stops me from hearing your opinion?
  • Will I go along with what you say because I want your acceptance?
  • Is this something I really believe?

This could certainly be a much longer list, but it is a good starting point. One final thought: any person can change at any point. We are never limited by our past experiences or old worn out beliefs. This is a conscious decision. Decide that you will not be limited by old fears and your life will immediately change. You will find yourself on a much wider path that is filled with joy.

That Which Weighs You Down

I am fortunate to spend the majority of my time around very forward moving people. People who are interested in improving their lives emotionally, spiritually, and emotionally. As a result of this motivation they are able to remain idealistic and positive. There are some common characteristics that people I look up to and respect possess. 

  1. A desire to find a way to learn in any situation, positive or negative
  2. An ability to see the good in people
  3. A drive to recognize the deficiencies in their lives so that they can fix them
  4. Willingness to laugh
  5. Never blaming other people, or their past, for their current situation

I have allowed plenty of people and situations to run my life as a result of my fear,anger, and resentment. The problem is that I never feel good when I am choosing to hold on to these negative emotions. Today I know that my  life is a manifestation of my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.  In my opinion that which weighs a person down more than anything is the unwillingness to let go of past hurts, angers, or resentments.

Most people who are unhappy remain so because of they do not allow themselves to move forward. Sometimes letting go of the past is extremely difficult. I can think of plenty of situations that I believe I was treated unfairly or wrong. There are plenty of people with whom I have disagreed. In order for me to be truly free and happy I have had to let go of the idea that others must change first. I must be willing to own my successes and failures. I must be able to forgive. No one has to live feeling weighed down by fear or negativity. Anyone can let go at any time they choose. It’s a matter of being willing to make that choice.