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With Gratitude, Cynicism is Unnecessary

This is a very significant week for me. While on family vacation, I am celebrating the anniversary of entering drug and alcohol recovery twenty-three years ago. Although much time has passed, the gratitude I feel today is far more significant than in the past.

As I reflect on the importance of this occasion, I realize one of the biggest changes in my life is the reduction in my negativity and cynicism. There was a time that I believed cynicism and skepticism allowed me to stay protected. In reality, carrying theses attitudes into all aspects of my life made me lonely. I found it next to impossible to connect with people since I was constantly wondering how people would try to take advantage of me. Today I look for opportunities to form new relationships. The biggest reason: maintaining an attitude of gratitude.

I suggest for anyone who wants an attitude adjustment to spend a couple of minutes a day reflecting on gratitude. Just think of five to ten things. Perhaps keep a gratitude journal. Here are some examples of what I am grateful for:

  • I’m grateful I have a beautiful family today
  • I’m grateful to be surrounded by loving and supportive people
  • I’m grateful to have found a way of living that provides me with constant opportunities to grow as a person
  • I’m grateful my outlook on life has become more positive
  • I’m grateful to have found a connection with a Higher Power

This is an exercise I practice every day. It is a crucial part of maintaining the perspective I want. If you are able to create and maintain an attitude of gratitude, you will notice a tremendous difference in how you face each day.

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