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Viral Gratitude

We all have certain days or holidays that remind us of the importance of gratitude. I am not writing this to scold anyone with some self-righteous “it shouldn’t take a special day to make you grateful!” statement. I am, however, taking advantage of the opportunity to point out how important it is to share our gratitude with those we love.

Gratitude empowers. It galvanizes. When words of gratitude are spoken both the person sharing the feeling and the one receiving the message benefit. As a result of this strength, anybody else who comes in contact with either of these people is affected. They feel better and may not even know why. The more grateful people there are out and about will allow these feelings to spread like a virus.

The term “viral marketing” is very popular. It describes how one person’s opinion and the willingness to share that opinion has far-reaching effects. I challenge everyone to practice viral gratitude. If there is someone you are grateful for today, share it with them. Just one person. Ask them to share it with someone else. Don’t limit yourself to sharing your gratitude with a list that only you see. As this gratitude spreads, know that you have made the world a better place.

Is there a better way to honor today?

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  1. Tim Harper says:

    I think I’ll trust the G. ood
    O. rderly
    D. irection
    and use wisely my power of choice
    and choice
    Peace, Love, Respect………
    TIM H.

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