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The Learning Never Stops

What I love about life is that there is always a new experience, a new lesson, or a new relationship available. If we remain open and teachable, the Universe will provide the opportunities we are seeking. In this year alone, and there is still a month to go, I have experienced several things I never […]

Great Responses

Thank you to all who responded to the last post! Hopefully all of you read each other’s responses, I found all of them interesting. Sandra helped me a lot by replacing “instill” with “nurture.” As a parent, my role is to nurture my child’s growth. I love that and thank you. As I am acclimating […]

What a Joy

Two nights ago I had a workshop in Alpharetta, Georgia. The workshop was on the limiting beliefs we hold onto that sabotage our relationships and ten techniques that will change ANY relationship. The entire night was awesome. Everyone who attended was involved, engaged, and ready to participate. As a facilitator it was truly a joy […]

Tell Me What You Think

I would love to hear your opinions on a couple of questions. Comment and read other’s comments.  What quality is MOST important to you in a spouse? What quality do you believe is most important to nurture in children?  Which of your relationships provides insight into your definition of happiness? What defines success for you […]

Drop the Agenda, Grumpy Guy

Disneyworld bills itself as “the happiest place on earth.” For many of us who visit Disneyworld, that statement rings true. The sounds of laughter, the scent of funnel cake and popcorn, and the excited expressions on children’s faces combine to create a magical atmosphere. Why is it that some people can’t help but to sabotage […]

Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new and improved site for The Fearless and Joyful Life! As we move forward we will continue to make this site more useful, easier to navigate, and of course, much prettier. My mission is to provide content that inspires and challenges all of us to improve our relationships and ourselves. With an […]

How’s Your Day?

What have you done today? Did you spend a lot of time complaining? Were you consumed with self-pity? Did you obsess on what other people may have been thinking about you? Were you indignant? Rebellious?  Or did you make it a point to praise someone? Did you think about ways you could help someone? Did […]

Viral Gratitude

We all have certain days or holidays that remind us of the importance of gratitude. I am not writing this to scold anyone with some self-righteous “it shouldn’t take a special day to make you grateful!” statement. I am, however, taking advantage of the opportunity to point out how important it is to share our […]

Radically Change

I am currently at the annual Live and Learn Conference in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Live and Learn is a conference my family and I have attended for the past four years. Through it we have made many valuable connections and gained vital validation for the direction we have chosen to  build our family. In case […]

It’s Good to Stretch

I had the opportunity to spend the past week at Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success seminar. What an incredible experience. I had no idea what to expect. I have spent the past twenty-one years of my life being conscious of personal growth and the past week was an emotional challenge that allowed me to really […]